President: Lexi Kantor

Lexi Kantor is the President of Boston Rotaract in 2018-19, and formerly served as the club Vice President in 2017-18. She is the People & Culture Coordinator for a small software company in Government Center. Her love affair with Rotary started when she was in high school and her friend convinced her to sign up for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) with him. RYLA exposed her to the world of service and the concept of leadership, all while teaching her about this wonderful organization that does so much good for our communities. Feeling inspired, she went on to start her high school’s first ever Interact Club, and ran it successfully with her co-president (and about 20 members) for 2 years until she graduated. One of their biggest accomplishments was raising over $2,000 for Shelterbox, a Rotary partner that helps with disaster relief all over the world.
In her year as President of Boston Rotaract Club, some of her goals are to increase our exposure in Boston, focus heavily on member engagement and experience, and continue to educate and engage our District and local Rotary Clubs about diversity & inclusion within the organization. 

Vice president & Membership Chair: Mira Pulido

Mirabella (Mira) Pulido is the Boston Rotaract Vice President for 2018-2019. Formerly, she was appointed as membership chair (2017-2018), shortly after joining the club in November 2017.
Mira has been involved with Rotary International since 2011, when she went on a youth exchange to Poland (D2230) from 2011-2012. Upon returning back to Boston, she briefly got involved with Rotaract at UMass Amherst, where she received a B.A. in journalism and Portuguese. When she's not in Boston, she's helping lead and organize Rotary Youth Exchange orientations and events on the North Shore for her home district (D7930). Currently, Mira works at MIT as a research administrator for the Engineering Quantum Systems Group. She has been working in higher education since 2014 with a focus on international communities. Ultimately, she hopes to utilize technology to make education more widely and easily accessible.

Treasurer: Samantha anders

Samantha is the Treasurer at Boston Rotaract in 2018-19. After graduating from Boston University in 2016, Samantha recently moved back to Boston and joined Rotaract as a way to meet new friends and give back to the community at the same time. She works in financial research for a private equity trade association, and in her free time she can usually be found taking indoor cycling classes or trying out new baking recipes.

volunteer service co-chair: kaitlin Vautour

Kaitlin is a proud Boston Rotaract member going on three years of involvement. This will be her second year as a service co-chair. Coming into Rotaract, what made her feel most involved was the service opportunities. This is what made her strive to help on the board! What she loves most about her role is the ability to reach out into the community and help. The feeling of utilizing your time to help those in need is a feeling like no other! In her personnel life she is a researcher, working at Siemans Heathineers and focusing on point of care technology. She loves to hike, travel, and go out for drinks to socialize with friends!
Have a great service idea? Perfect! Let Kaitlin know!

volunteer service co-chair: Jacob henner


Jacob is the Service Co-Chair in 2018-19, along with Kaitlin Vautour. His job within the club is to find service opportunities and to coordinate their execution. 

Jacob grew up in Atlanta, and went to the University of Georgia where he got his degree in Marketing. He moved up to Boston in September 2017 and works in marketing for a  company called Arch Auto Parts. He began attending Rotaract events soon after moving to Boston because it provided a social community as well as a group with whom he could serve the community at large. Boston is historically a civic-oriented city, and Jacob is happy to contribute. 

 If you are looking to get involved in serving the community, let him know! You don't have to be inducted to attend events and Rotaract is welcoming to newcomers. Also, if you have a charity or organization affecting positive change that could use help, let him know!


diversity & inclusion chair: paris alston

Paris is the Diversity and Inclusion chair for Boston Rotaract, a role in which she focuses on making our club inclusive and helping our members learn more about each other and the different people and organizations we work with in our community. As a multimedia journalist, Paris is passionate about reporting the daily news stories that affect people's everyday lives and telling stories related to identity, community and culture. 

external communications chair: lizzy egan

Lizzy was first exposed to Rotary through District 6970’s RYE program, where she was fortunate enough to be a host sister two times. Since then, Lizzy graduated from Babson College in 2016, where she studied marketing and strategic management. She currently works as a Marketing Specialist. She decided to join Boston Rotaract to get re-involved with Rotary & help give back to the community. Lizzy is excited to help promote the club and its events over the next year. 

internal communications chair: Mallory mccoy

Mallory is the 2018-19 Internal Communications Chair for the Boston Rotaract Club. In 2018-2019, she also serves as the District 7930 Rotaract Chair, and as a Co-Chair for International Service with the Downtown Boston Rotary Club. Mallory works in higher education, as the Academic Coordinator in Harvard University's Department of Human Evolutionary Biology. She graduated from Northeastern University in 2014 with a BA in economics and international affairs (go Huskies!) and is now completing her Master’s in Museum Studies at Harvard. 
Mallory joined Rotaract in 2013, and is most drawn to the international community in the organization for its amazing capacity to do good in the world. 

If you want to share any news or opportunities with our club, have questions about our newsletter, or want to talk about a Rotary-Rotaract collaboration, give Mallory a shout!