We are a diverse and international group, with members from over 14 countries, so international service is a priority for many of us. This club provides a venue for young professionals to join together in making a difference in the world. We commit to Rotary International’s motto, Service Above Self, by committing to long-term international projects, in collaboration with one or more Rotaract Clubs worldwide, and always with a local partner to ensure that our projects are carried out in a responsible, culturally sensitive, and sustainable way. Our international projects focus on the following areas, as laid out by the Rotary International guidelines:

  • Promoting Peace
  • Fighting Disease
  • Providing Clean Water
  • Saving Mothers and Children
  • Supporting Education
  • Growing Local Economies

Major International Projects:

Benin - Safe transportation for school children (2015-2016)

Ganvie is a village located in the south of Benin, an hour away from the economic capital Cotonou. The village is literally built on the water, with houses on stilts, and the only way to move around is by boat. Because of this, Ganvie is often called the "Venice of Africa". The economic activities of the region revolve around fishing, tourism, and commerce. 
Since the local children can't walk to school, as children from other villages do in the country, they need boats to get there and unfortunately their parents either do not have the means to drop them off and pick them up all the time, or those who have boats use them to go fishing and use it full time as an asset to feed their families. The ones that actually drop their kids to schools have very small, non-motorized boats and when bigger boats pass by them, the waves splash the pupils and wet their schools supplies. In some cases, the children have to paddle all the way to school and arrive already tired from their trip to the classroom. All these factors reduce the literacy rate in the area to an estimated 25%.
The primary school of Ganvie has around 1170 students, 18 classrooms and a block of another 6 classrooms under construction. The school needs approximately 20 boats for students and 2 for teachers. The Rotaract Clubs involved want to give 4 motorized boats for students and 30 life vests. Each boat will have 30 seats and will be built by locals professionals, and the motors and vests will be supplied by the Association de la Securite en Mer.
This project is piloted by Boston Rotaract and the Rotaract Club of Cotonou Rive Gauche Elite. NGO "Sonagnon" (which means a "better tomorrow") currently has the custody of motorboats for the school and will be taking care of the motorboats after the donation.
Guatemala - "Clean Water for Guatemala" (2012-2014)
(Winner of the Outstanding Rotaract Project of the Year Award 2014)
Club members worked with a local non-profit and local craftsmen to provide water filters, hospital supplies, beds, stoves and toiletries to indigenous people living in the highlands of Guatemala. The club collaborated with Rotary clubs in the U.S. and Guatemala to raise over US$7,000 for the project, and six club members have gone on self-funded trips to the region to support water filter installation and training.


Other international efforts supported by Boston Rotaract:

End Polio Now

Boston Rotaract supports Rotary International's "End Polio Now" campaign, which along with its partners, has reduced cases of polio by 99.9% worldwide. The program has helped to immunize more than 2.5 billion children in over 122 countries. Learn more about the mission to end polio here.

Healthy Kids, Brighter Future (Global Grant)

Boston Rotaract is proud to be a contributor to the Global Grant for this program, which aims to bring healthcare to at-risk children in Zambia. Learn more about this great program here.


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