Found in Translation

Developing the local Boston economy and supporting women's education

Boston Rotaract is excited to announce that it surpassed its fundraising goal of $2,000, successfully raising $2,314 via two community fundraisers and donations. The money will go to Found in Translation (FiT) to support scholarships for two Language Access Fellows.

The club raised over $900 at its “Bowling Over Barriers” fundraiser on October 29, 2019 at Flatbread Company in Somerville. It was a fun night of pizza, bowling, raffles, and fellowship. Open to the public, around 70 folks attended, although a percentage of all flatbreads purchased from 5-11 PM went to supporting Rotaract’s benefit night. This event was held in addition to “Karaoke 4 Charity” in late September, which raised near $1,400 in one night.

"Bowling Over Barriers” was made possible with the help of D7930, who awarded the club with a membership mini grant to cover a partial cost of the bowling lanes.

Boston Rotaract would also like to thank all of the friends, local businesses, and Rotarians who supported its local fundraising project, as well as Hong Kong Boston and Flatbread Co. Somerville, who graciously and generously hosted the two fundraisers. These community collaborations were instrumental in helping Boston Rotaract raise more than $2,000 for FiT.

FiT is a Boston-based organization that trains low-income and often homeless, multilingual women to become medical interpreters at no charge to the students. Specifically, the $2,314 will go to supporting Language Access Fellows, who are FiT graduates that are entering the workforce, starting internships, and pursuing employment in medical interpreting and related fields.

Boston Rotaract has been partnering with FiT for the past two years (2018-2019), providing free childcare on a weekly basis, as well as professional development support.


Boston Rotaract members (from front row, left to right: Treasurer Allison Llansó, President Mirabella Pulido, Service Co-Chair Eric Wellers; middle row, third from right: member Lexi Kantor) with the graduating class of 2019 at the Found in Translation Commencement on Friday, December 7, 2019.

Rotary's Six Areas of Focus

The needs spanning Rotary's Six Areas of Focus are vast, ranging from lack of access to clean water to the need for immunization that prevent deadly diseases. Rotary clubs serve communities around the world, each with unique concerns and needs. Rotarians have continually adapted and improved the way they respond to those needs, taking on a broad range of service projects.
Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation recognize these Six Areas of Focus as organizational priorities, and there are countless ways that Rotarians can address these needs locally and internationally. For ideas, consult the publication Rotary’s Areas of FocusFor more info, check out Rotary International.
(Text taken from the Rotary Club of Ashland website.)

Creating Sustainable Clean Water Solutions

Boston Rotaract fundraised and donated $9,300 to two sustainable clean water initiatives in Ghana,
successfully completing a two-year long international service project. 
One of the two organizations that this money supported was Pure Home Water, a company started by an MIT professor that creates and provides ceramic clay filters to filter water, bringing household water and safe storage to Northern Ghana.
Completed in July 2019, Boston Rotaract donated 222 water filters directly to households, providing clean water to 1,500 people across three communities near Tamale, Ghana.




Boston Rotaract also partnered with the Adenta Central Rotaract Club, participating in their "Water is Life" borehole project. Donated funds helped in making their borehole project more sustainable.
600 people gained access to clean water in Ghana's Kramokrom Ga West Municipality with the creation of the large water tank, which was unveiled and open to the community on August 15, 2019.




Featured in Rotary Magazine
The "Water is Life" project was featured in the December 2019 issue of
The Rotarian magazine.
2019-2020 Rotaract Awards

We made it as a finalist of the 2019-2020 Rotaract Outstanding Project Awards for our "Water is Life" project . These projects were selected out of over 600 nominations for their sustainability, innovation, and collaboration. Congratulations to our team and to our awesome partners on the ground for a job well done!