Rotaract members volunteer for the Boston Debate League.
Boston Debate League is an organization that organizes debates for Middle School and High School students in Boston Public Schools. This past Saturday, we had the opportunity to judge several debates at a tournament at Burke High School.
The topic in question was whether the United States should publicly denounce corporations for buying manufactured goods from China, on the grounds that many factories in China pay their workers poorly, and do not maintain safe work places for many of their workers. This topic is very complex, and it was really enjoyable to watch the students debate their stances, often having to improvise their rebuttals to one another.
The level of dedication and interest that the students displayed was impressive. It was a great volunteer event not only because it was interesting to watch the students debate, but also because we were able to give them constructive feedback so that they can improve their skills.
We had a great time helping out, and now that we're experienced judges, I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to judge at another debate in the future.