Rotaractors Meg, Chi, Amy, and Daniel pose after their shift.
On Thursday, August 11th, four members volunteered at the Meals Program by Victory Programs' Boston Living Center's. The Boston Living Center describes itself as "a non-profit community and resource center whose mission is to foster the wellness of all HIV positive people and respond to the changing needs of the HIV/AIDS community." Our members had a great time serving meals to the community. Local Service Chair Daniel Kallen had this to say of the event:
We all had an awesome time helping out at the Boston Living Center. I was in the kitchen cleaning dishes, while everyone else was working the line serving food.
I think Boston Living Center is a great organization because the people I met there were all awesome, both staff and visitors. Also, I like the idea that it's targeted towards the HIV+ community, as low income HIV+ is a particularly vulnerable community. The people were great, the host was hilarious, and we all got to eat some awesome empanadas. The Boston Living Center is an awesome organization, and I look forward to scheduling more events with them in the future.