World Peace and Understanding DinnerOn February 8th, Rotary District 7930 hosted the World Peace and Understanding Dinner. The dinner focused on the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Attendees heard from Sam Khatib, a leader and activist in the Syrian American community on the Syrian Refugee crisis. A volunteer from the brave White Helmets in Aleppo Skyped in as well. The presentations were very powerful, and really touched the attendees.
Don was one of the Rotaract attendees that Cambridge Rotary graciously sponsored. He had this to say of the dinner:
"Tonight, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Rotary World Peace and Understanding Dinner. I had some knowledge of what was going on in Syria, in regards of the war. However, after what I saw, I can honestly say that my mind was blown away by the grim reality that Syria was facing throughout all these years. One scene that really stood out to me was when the White Helmets, a volunteer rescue group composed of regular civilians, responded to an air strike bombing. Within the mountains of rubble, they found a baby no more than a month old. The fact that he survived was crazy but what was crazier is that the battlefield and bloodshed is a part of his childhood. The child was rightfully dubbed "the miracle baby." A true miracle indeed. To be in the same room with fellow Rotarians that care about creating peace in this world was very inspiring to me. As a Rotaractor myself, I truly understand the motto of "Service Above Self". Those civilians, the White Helmets, who unselfishly put their lives in the line of fire, are true epitomes of that. Their quote states their mission best, "To save a life is to save all of humanity."
Syrians need help. Throughout the month of February, the organizers are collecting desperately needed clothing to send to Syria. They'll be collecting through the month of February at the collection sites listed in this flyer. You can also check for additional locations.